Raouf Fallah:

Raouf Fallah: "Success can be both, and we cannot choose between them."

A lot of people know you personally or have heard about you and your name is well known in your country, but few know what personal experience and knowledge lie behind this name. Please tell us more about how it all began, the brightest moments in life that could help aspiring artists?

Recently, because of the pandemic, people have been forced to visit galleries online. Compared to years ago, it is much easier to have Instagram, Facebook and social media to connect togalleries around the world. I do not see a specific problem for artists, because they can display their work on clothes (T-shirts, tops and bags) as well as the art of painting on the ground and walls. (land art – wall art)

What do you think, is it more difficult for today's painters to make their way to fame?

Extraordinary fashion is important for human beings today and is in the top 5 demands of people. Today, many artists work with different brands, such as designing on fabric and bags. Designers and painters have provided a comfortable and superior life for people to be seen well. From the design of perfume bottle to the design of fabrics, clothes and dishes. Today we see that the fashion industry is intertwined with the art of painting. In fact, the fashion industry needs leading and very sensitive artists in order to emerge very influential on people and also societies. I welcome galleries that work with Russian mesons, boutiques and shops, and I would like to show you some samples of my work with different mesons. Fashion has become a part of the meaning of people’s life today.

What do you think is success: celebrity or profit from activities?

Success can be both, and we cannot choose between them. Unfortunately, since Andy introduced pop art to the world, the path to fame and fortune has diverged. No one takes Francis Bacon work for the top of a fireplace, but they take Lucian Freud work for inside of a house. Also, some websites such as etsy.comvimeo.com and also youtube can be very helpful to artists.

What are you doing at the moment, tell us about current projects and undertakings?

I am currently working on a series called: "The Loneliness of Contemporary Man". This collection consists of 1200 parts, each part is painted on an A4 sheet.  After the pandemic is over, I plan to donate 100 of my paintings (if I can participate in a Russian painting show with your support) to families who had a family loss due to Covide-19. In my own country, Iran, to support nurses, I gave gifts to 70 hard-working nurses. Me and many artists in Iran, are ready to show great ideas for people's happiness after the bitter nightmare of Covide-19.

Can you imagine what could happen in the next 10 years with the art stage, given the current realities? 

Sooner than the next 10 years, we will see huge changes around the world, not only in arts, but also in everything. In this quarantine and loneliness due to the Covide-19 era, people's self-knowledge will increase. People will be proven that science and technology can save humanity from the plague of the century, rather than churches and mosques of different religions. We will see a big change in the world in the future years. A great artist like Goetlen showed the darkness after World War II as a historical tunnel, and the impact of his work is still there. Mark Ruthko was one of the most unique artists whose art is very influential today. The icons we see in today's phones are all brand painting ideas, coming from the art world to the industrial world, implemented by Steve Jobs with his extraordinary intelligence.